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It’s been over 2 years since I started Atlanta Makers

For a long time, I wasn’t sure what this “thing” was or where this idea to interview and film artisans in Atlanta was going to take me. There have been times where I’ve spent a lot of time on it, and admittedly more times I haven’t.

Like any side or passion project, Atlanta Makers has experienced some hurdles. I believe it’s easy to produce content. I believe that building an audience, although challenging isn’t impossible. However, creating extremely niche, high quality video content poses a bit more of a challenge. How do we get more people to watch more features? How do we produce more features and tell more stories? …Uh…How do we pay for this? …or my personal favorite…How will I make money from any of this?

I started Atlanta Makers out of a passion. My goal has always been to never have to charge an artist or maker to be featured on Atlanta Makers. That goal and passion is still true today. What’s interesting is, I just kind of started it…I’ve never really done a formal introduction.

Well…Introducing Atlanta Makers!

An online publication that connects the people of Atlanta with their local artisan.

Featuring a variety of Metro Atlanta’s artists and makers through video spotlights, Atlanta Makers provides an intimate look into the life of a maker, creative inspiration, and the daily struggles of creating handmade artisan goods for a modern audience.

There’s no better way to enjoy all that Atlanta Makers has to offer than through our new website. Easily watch new episodes from our artisan series, read through the journal, stay caught up with what we are up to and tuned in to various announcements like new products or films. This new web experience is the first step in pushing Atlanta Makers over our next hurdle!

I believe there’s excitement brewing for what Atlanta Makers can be. I believe I’m no longer the only one that sees that. But I need help from all my friends, family, and followers who see and value the work we are trying to do.

If you haven’t yet, follow us on Instagram.

It’s the second best place to keep up with us.



Support us on Patreon.

I mentioned before that my goal is to keep Atlanta Makers free to the makers. To help me do that, I’m calling on my amazing audience to help keep us going! Don’t worry, there’s rad perks for monthly support.



Lastly, buy some Products.

We have a store, and sometimes we sell tees and stuff. In the future, this could be something more but I have to know people are even interested in buying things…so for now we will roll with that!



I’ll leave you for now with this. Hope to see you around!

Joey Thompson, Founder


“To me, it’s been a triumph just to make a living; it’s been a triumph to save money; it’s been a triumph to love what I do along the way.”
– Aaron Draplin.