Sabrina Kaylor


Sabrina is an artist living in Kennesaw. Her artwork is unique, colorful and full of messages that are waiting to be discovered.

``Knowing that pieces of me are scattered amongst the country is so beautiful. The only thing better than that, is inspiring others to pick up a paintbrush and express themselves.``
- Sabrina Kaylor

Brynn Casey

Fine Artist

Brynn Casey is a Georgia based artist living just north of Atlanta with her husband and pup. She fell in love with creating at an early age, gleaning inspiration from her creative mother. Brynn grew to know that the only thing she ever wanted was to be an artist, and pursued that dream by attending the University of Georgia for her degree in art. She received her BFA with an emphasis in drawing, and it was at this very school where she learned the discipline it takes to be a serious artist, the confidence it takes to accept criticism, and the bravery it takes to try new things. Her career began as a student, as she began to explore her love for the ocean landscape in all its forms. Upon graduation, she took this love story with the water with her and is continuing to explore it today in its many facets, claiming that it never gets boring to her, and remains ever challenging. Today, you can find Brynn at her studio in Roswell, GA painting the day away, getting lost in the waves.

Leela Hoehn

Paper, Gifts, Illustrator

Hi there! I'm Leela, but you can call me Bear. I grew up next to the Savannah River in Augusta, GA - home of the Godfather of Soul and many restless ghosts. I graduated with a BA in English Literature, but my background has always been in art. Growing up I spent a lot of time talking to animals and drawing picture books and trying to sell them to my family for $.25. My mother is an oil painter and my father is a piano player. I really had no choice but to end up this way.

I am deeply inspired by strong artists and thinkers and part of my drive is to help other creatives trust in their full potential. That is the true motivation behind everything I design; I want you to feel inspired. I want to make beautiful objects that remind you of your own magic!

Nathan Martin

Leather Goods

Go Forth Goods makes functional, high-quality leather goods in the USA. We design goods both for outdoor adventures and taking to work, guaranteed by a lifetime warranty. We also believe that being good means focusing on the details. That’s why we honor others who do good by giving back 10% in support of nonprofits we believe in.

We started in 2014 when our founder, Nathan Martin, had a cheap bag break on him right before a family trip. When he set out to find the perfect replacement, he couldn’t find anything American-made that fit his criteria for durability. When he couldn’t find what he wanted, he decided to make his own.

At Go Forth Goods we're doing our part to bring back the tradition of durable and classic American-made goods. We make leather bags and wallets like the ones our grandparents used--lovingly crafted pieces that you love to use and can pass on to the next generation. For this reason, our designs are crafted for simplicity and functionality, with elements inspired by leather goods from the 19th century.

Christine Nishiyama


I make books and comics, and I draw a whoooole lot. I’ve taught over 40,000 aspiring and established artists, helping them explore their art, gain more confidence, and discover their unique artistic styles.

I’ve been drawing for over 20 years and have been drawing as my full-time career for over 5 years. My core belief is that art is good and we should all make more of it. Might Could is here to uplift and challenge artists in the exploration and evolution of our unique artistic styles and voices.

Evan Kellner

Leather Goods

My Father and Grandfather instilled a love for working with my hands at a very young age. Helping my dad in his workshop, building, creating, that time was always a special opportunity to learn and of course be with him. Many years, many projects, and a few kids later I came across a passion for leather working completely by necessity. Needing a new leather wallet, and unable to justify the high cost of brand names, I set out to make my own, and did. Having done a better job than expected, and now having some tools, I'd like to share this passion for excellent craftsmanship with you.

Tannery South Leather Co. is about working hard and playing hard, having fun, and the simple things that make you happy. I strive for straight lines, memorable personal touches, and amazing customer service. My goal is passionate customers for life, nothing less.

Kristen Ramsey


I'm a self-taught artist. I create heartfelt art that is a mix of styles. If you ask me what type of art I make, I'd call it modern folk pop art. I like to use bright colors and my work typically includes typography and positive messaging.

I started painting in 2012 on a whim when I was looking for a piece of art with a particular message but couldn't find it. I decided I'd make it myself.

My favorite canvas is wood and I usually paint with 1-shot enamel, but occasionally I use acrylic paint or spray paint as well.

Hands, hearts & eyes are recurring themes in my work. I'm heavily influenced by traditional sign painting and folk art. Two of my favorite artists are Margaret Kilgallen and Howard Finster.

Corrie Ladd


From her home studio in Decatur, Georgia, Corrie carefully hand sculpts each piece of jewelry from precious metal clay infused with recycled silver before tossing them in the kiln and inlaying with glass enamel. Clean, colorful earrings and necklaces with the kind of natural character that can only come from a handmade touch.

Courtney Hamill


Honeycomb Studio is a small batch, handmade porcelain shop created by Courtney Hamill. Working from her backyard studio in Atlanta’s West Midtown district, Courtney designs and executes small-scale porcelain sculptures by hand. Each piece that comes from her studio has been hand-made, either on the wheel or cast from an original mold, one-at-a-time so that no two pieces are ever exactly alike.

Aimee Clifford

Handwoven Goods

Handwoven goods created by Atlanta-based fiber artist Aimee Clifford using plant-based and sustainable materials.

Maddie Morden

Jewelry Curator

Maddie makes modern and whimsical jewelry and is the shop owner and curator for Personify Shop (

Ashley Buzzy

Calligrapher, Printmaker

Ashley Buzzy McHugh is a writer, calligrapher and printmaker based out of Atlanta, Georgia - but expect to find her elsewhere quite frequently. Known to most people as simply ``Buzzy,`` she was born in Denver, Colorado and raised in Atlanta. She completed her BFA at the University of Georgia in Graphic Design, with a unique emphasis on Fabric and Textiles. After college she married Collin McHugh, a professional baseball player, and they have spent the years since visiting the famous (and not so famous) baseball cities of America. She now splits time between her home and studio in Atlanta and Collin's baseball career with the Houston Astros.

Ashley is passionate about the entire process of creating: from the first spark of an idea to the intricate process of making it come to life. She is exhausted with the pursuit to make every skill marketable: she is fully engaged in exploring The Inefficient Life.

Jason & Jamie Jimenez


Homespun is a wholesome dining experience that brings community back around the table. We offer in-home and corporate catering and chef services. Guests enjoy a fresh, seasonal meal prepared with the best hand-selected ingredients from the local markets. The purpose is not just to dine but rather break bread and share life.

Barbara Billings

Handwoven Textiles

As a young, fashion-obsessed girl, I dreamed of walking the runway as a high fashion model or following in the footsteps of Marc Jacobs and becoming a fashion designer. I soon realized that I was way too short (I’m only 5’1) and that my love of nature was too strong to live in a big city. Although fashion will always be my first love, my passions have evolved to include many things, all fueling the creativity necessary for my crazy busy life.

The Stranded Sheep was born from a desire to do something with my hands. After many years of soul searching, knitting stuck like glue and evolved into a love of fiber, a spinning wheel, an old floor loom and learning to naturally dye with ingredients I can grow. And don’t forget farming. I have big dreams of owning a farm where early mornings are quiet, good food is plentiful and sheep are prevalent.

The fiber used to develop my products, both handspun and woven, is sourced from local farms with ethical standards.

I love working with my local fiber farmer, Tina, of Dry Creek Naturals in Taylorsville, Georgia. Her sheep have been bred to withstand the Georgia heat and make beautiful fleeces that turn into gorgeous yarn.

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